About Jonathan

Jonathan has been “on the run” for some time, after exposing a covert and ethically questionable military project to breed super soldiers.

The details of this project are revealed in the novella Relic. Disturbingly close to the truth, Relic describes a world in which human soldiers are replaced with something much deadlier, and much more uncontrollable, with consequences that could spell the end of humanity as we know it.

Jonathan Brookes is known to have spent the last thirty years weaving his way through one high tech company after another, leaving a trail of cancelled projects, failed mergers and corporate bankruptcies. He was last seen on a wooded trail between the Melville Nauheim Shelter and The Greenwood Lodge and Campsite on Route 9, near Big Pond, Woodford, VT.

He occasionally responds to email sent to jonathanfbrookes@gmail.com

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