Notable Indie Books

A Dangerous Elementby Gregory Lamb

a-dangerous-elementThis fast-paced techno-thriller will keep you engaged from start to finish. The story’s wonderful collision of black-ops, high tech warfare, and vintage spy-vs-spy dialogue spins a classic espionage tale around one of the most successful cyber-warfare attacks in history.

Colonel Mark “Coolhand” Reynolds finds himself thrust into the middle of a covert plan to reach out from the ephemeral cyberspace and literally grasp and strangle an enemy’s hardened military assets. Add in a mysterious and sultry psychiatrist, a well-meaning but clueless physicist, a couple of down-and-dirty covert operatives, and a bit of organized crime, stir well, and you have one break-neck story that barrels to an in-your-face climax that leaves your head spinning and begging for more.

Beyond the Tempest Gateby Jeff Suwak

beyond-the-tempest-gateAuthor Jeff Suwak’s debut novella is a brilliantly concise and timeless tale about the true meaning of duty and honor. Gabriel is not a deluded madman. If anything, he’s a dutiful knight/soldier who is pursuing a quest based on faulty data or limited knowledge. Like many of us, Gabriel’s actions are guided by myth and legend that has been naturally distorted over time. It’s not until he looks the beast in the eye that he realizes the truth. On his quest, Gabriel learns that the true reward for service may not be stature or distinction, but rather sacrifice.I first read this book just days after its publication. Despite its seemingly medieval fantasy setting, its words resonated with the world events at that time. Today, as I read of the horrific news from the Levant, I’m once again reminded of this timeless tale of vigilance, honor and duty.


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