Recently, I’ve taken to writing haiku.

Life is a struggle
We all seek some happiness
Among the ruins

I’m not exactly sure why.

Poetry is art
By imposing boundaries
All that’s left is craft

Perhaps because I find it a challenge.

Writing a poem
With seventeen syllables
Is no small effort

My engineering mind trying to solve a problem that has well-defined requirements.

The Haiku art form
Brief and concise poetry
In a straightjacket

I write haiku about all sorts of subjects.

Autumn’s breath blows cold
And all the leaves that were green
shiver and turn brown

Sometimes a song is a catalyst for my haiku.

Behind those blue eyes
An evil mind schemes and plots
Don’t trust that kind face

Other times, haiku will pop into my head while staring out the window.

Red breasted robin
Surveying my lush, green lawn
Worms crawl for cover

World events can be prompt me to write haiku.

Bullets ricochet
Along the corridor walls
Students lay bleeding

Or religion…

The Easter Season
A celebration of faith
Christ is arisen


Wanting what you’ve got
And not having what you want
Leads to happiness

…or idleness.

Thinking aimlessly
Waiting for my muse to come
Paper is still blank

Whatever the reason, I enjoy the challenge.

Beautiful haiku
Seventeen short syllables
Three poetic lines

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