Yeah, I have a Facebook Page

Doesn’t everybody?

I created it a number of years ago when I imaged that I would become a semi-famous novelist.

I’m still waiting.

During all those intervening days (actually months, … no years) the page grew stale. Facebook threatened to close my account for lack of activity.

You would think that a writer could keep a simple Facebook page full of thoughts, short stories, and other musings.

I guess I’m lazy, … or maybe uninspired.  Or lazy.

However, I have found a solution. Quora. Yes, I’m talking about that site where folks post, ahem, “insightful” questions exploring the deep meaning of life, clarification of technical topics, pressing political, ethical, or cultural issues, or just plain trolling.

In the past, I had answered a few questions. Nothing Earth shattering. My answers were always short and to the point. …. Until I came across a question that led me to write a lengthy reply. Low and behold, upon my posting that answer, Quora prompted me, asking if I wished to also post this answer on my Facebook page.


Quora has now become, for me, a source of writing prompts.

So, a few times a week, I scour the questions posed at Quora for those gems where I might pontificate profusely upon some other’s musings, allowing me to provide both the edification of another’s mind as well as keep my sorry excuse of a Facebook page from becoming a dusty, windswept expanse of stale postings.

Visit it at


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