Could Neanderthals Be Baptized?

Bio-genetic technology is advancing faster than our ability to understand the ethical issues and consequences that arise from such capabilities. With the entire Neanderthal genome mapped, it may be only a short time before some daring scientists, along with a willing surrogate, clone and give birth to a real, live Neanderthal infant; a living being with the potential for intelligent thought equivalent, and perhaps even superior, to our own mental capabilities.

What then?

How would our laws, ethics, and religions deal with the what is essentially the resurrection of an extinct human species? What rights and protections would this child have? Neither human, nor ape, would it be considered property, like any other cloned animal? Or would it be guaranteed the rights and privileges we expect for ourselves?

Andrew Brown, Zach Zorich, and Heather Pringle are among many scientists and bioethicists who have explored the multitude of issues that would arise if a healthy Neanderthal child (or two, or three) were born.

We are possibly closer to this reality than you might think. Our technology frequently exceeds our laws and ethics. Only our morals stand between us and disaster.

Levant Mirage

Cross a Tom Clancy espionage spy thriller with Arthur C. Clarke’s Hammer of God and you have Levant Mirage, Oliver F. Chase’s latest novel that takes the reader on a surreal journey into a world where black hat mischief marries radical religious ideology. Fast paced, with just enough technical jargon to make the story believable and actually plausible, but without getting bogged down in details, the spawn of this unholy union is a disaster so overwhelming, yet all too plausible, that it will surely make the reader stop and stare heavenward, wondering, what if?


The storyline follows one Adam Michaels, a 35 year old U.S. Army Major who is also the reluctant heir to a shipping empire. Sidelined as a scapegoat for a foreign relations fiasco, Michaels, the inventor of a cutting edge missile guidance system, now finds himself pushing paper at the Pentagon while his ex-wife sucks up his alimony payments as she pursues her own political ambitions.

When it’s discovered that his mothballed guidance technology is now the linchpin of terrorist technology to annihilate the infidels, Michaels is thrust into a world where cyber defenses are overwhelmed by terrorists with top-notch computer skills who are intent on raining disaster upon an unsuspecting Earth to fulfill a radical religion’s apocalyptic agenda.

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