Who’s Watching Me?

Admittedly, I don’t do much with this blog or this website. I’ve not been writing much since publishing Relic II. My leisurely interests and efforts have turned elsewhere; mostly to computer science projects, amateur radio, and the morass that some folks refer to as the American political process.  Oh, and binge-watching the last season of “Downton Abbey” (yes I so need to catch-up on so many things).


I do check the viewing statistics on this site occasionally. I’ve included a snapshot graphic here that shows the distribution of views from various countries during 2016. Much to my surprise, I’ve an international audience (such as it is). I am curious as to who these folks might be.Most interesting is the distribution of non-English speaking countries in the list. In fact, the only other English speaking country on the list is Canada, with a paltry 3 views.

Now, I don’t know anyone in many of these countries, but I am curious as to how they learned of this site.Were they specifically looking for my site, or did they simply stumble onto it while searching for something more relevant to their own lives?

The most curious are the views from Brazil; second only to those from the U.S. As Brazil is not a English speaking country I am intrigued as to what drew them to view my content.

A similar curiosity exists for the other countries on this list. The only thing I can think of, other than this being the result of random internet searches, is that there is some interest in my thoughts about Neanderthals.

I’d love to gain a bit of insight as to what and why these folks visit my site. If you do visit, leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps I’ll be motivated to write more often.