Hotspot: A Story of Corporate Greed and Global Warming


“These numbers can’t be right.”

CEO Marc Stanton stalked the perimeter of the massive granite table in his company’s boardroom. He had it custom designed and placed here to make a statement. His word was final. It led to the expression that whatever edicts emerged from the boardroom were ‘set in stone’. The other board members nicknamed him ‘Moses.’ Stanton was not amused.

Stanton stopped his stalking and faced his Director of Engineering. “How much time do we have?”

The bearded, wrinkled face sitting at the far end of that monstrous granite slab tilted its eyes toward the boardroom’s ornate arched ceiling. Together, it all felt like a temple. Or maybe a mausoleum. Dr. Henry Parsons returned his gaze to meet Stanton’s eyes. He leaned back into the plush leather chair and crossed his arms. “A decade, maybe,” he hedged.

“You realize what this means,” Stanton smiled.


“Our cable TV market share dominates the industry. No one else has a chance in hell.” The beginnings of a smile fought its way onto his face. “We’ll be the last man standing.”

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A Rhyme For Our Times

One America
Two Americas
Red America
Blue America

This one drives
A hybrid car
That one digs
For coal and tar

One group wants
To build a wall
Another demands
Health care for all

Black lives
Blue lives
All lives matter
Which one is true?
Go ask one another

This group has a swastika
Another is the antifa
Say! What a lot
Of groups there are

Some have knives
And some have bats
This one has guns
Imagine that!

They shout and scream
And blame each other
The violence grows
It makes one shudder

Rocks are thrown
And storefronts smashed
The anger grows
When heads are bashed

The fake news shows
The reality
Of who we are
For the world to see

From east to west
And north to south
A nation torn
Without a doubt

Could make us stronger
When will we
All live together?

[with apologies to Dr. Seuss]

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